About SeaQualizer -
Our Story

The Beginning

The SeaQualizer was initially designed targeting the Red Snapper fishery in the Gulf of Mexico.  The Standard SeaQualizer with its release depths of 50, 100, & 150 ft was the answer to the Red Snapper’s (and other bottom dwellers) losing battle with Barotrauma and venting tools.
After the device was put on the market it came to light that there were many other fisheries suffering from the same issues that the Gulf of Mexico was facing.  Fish were being brought up from depth bloated and unable to be returned all across the United States, and it wasn’t just in the Saltwater industry.

A Greater Need

The Rock Fish fishery on the West Coast of the country was the first group to come forward an approach us with a need for the device in their area.  Rock Fish are caught at a deeper depth than the Red Snapper so that brought about the need for the Deep Water SeaQualizer.  With release depths of 100, 200, & 300 ft it gave anglers fishing in up to 600 ft of water to return bycatch as quickly and effectively as possible.
Next was the Striper industry.  When we were first approached by striper fishermen in the southern states looking for a way to return their fish caught in the deeper lakes we were surprised to hear that they experienced some of the same problems as the saltwater fisheries.  These fish though we discovered may not have just been suffering just from the effects of Barotrauma.  They showed no physical signs but were sluggish and floated at the surface like a fish that suffered Barotrauma.  After a little research we discovered that thermocline issues played a big role in why these fish were having problems returning to depth.  The large difference in temperature from where the fish were being pulled from and the surface temperature caused the fish to show similar signs as Barotrauma.  We discovered that these effects were also reversible by bring the fish back down to depth.  The Striper fishermen though did not require such deep releasing device so the Striper SeaQualizer or Shallow Water SeaQualizer was born with depths of 30, 50, & 70 ft.

Our Ultimate Goal

Everything that we have worked for with our SeaQualizer product to to look for a way to help ensure that future generations get to experience what we have experienced fishing.
Join the movement! Stop Venting, Start Descending!

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